Climate Controlled Sleep – for ANY Bed! The ChiliPad is a thermostat for your bed. Control the temperature of your bed in 1 degree increments anywhere between 46°-118°F.

The ChiliPad is a mattress pad that uses the patented Chili Technology water circulation system to provide personalized climate control for your bed. Set the temperature using the control unit or by wireless remote while in bed. Available in single or dual-zone. Dual-zone provides independent control for each side of the bed so sleepers can find their own unique temperature. The control units use only 80W of energy on average per unit. Save on utility costs by cooling or heating your bed at night instead of your entire house! Machine washable, easy to set up, simple to maintain.


  • Cools and heats anywhere between 46°-118°F
  • Temperature controlled in one degree increments
  • Helps regulate body temperature for a more restful sleep
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Adjustable temperature with wireless remote
  • Helps add savings to your energy bill


  • Climate controlled sleep is a need for millions of people
  • Sleep temperature issues are prevalent regardless of the season
  • ChiliPad is a thermostat for your bed; it fits any mattress
  • Control the temperature in 1 degree increments between 48°F and 118°F
  • Available in single- or dual-zone. Dual-zone controls each side of the bed independently.
  • Patented Chili Technology climate control system features:
    • Highly durable, medical grade silicone tubing
    • Water circulation system eliminates all electricity on the bed surface
    • Energy efficient design operates at
    • Heating and cooling powered by thermoelectric technology
    • Set the temperature using the control unit or by wireless remote while in bed
  • Machine washable in front load washer. Dry on low heat.
  • Easy set-up and simple maintenance
  • Energy savings: cool or heat your bed instead of your entire house
  • Recognized for medical reimbursement
  • Have customers feel the ChiliPad and hold the remote for themselves
  • 90-day trial

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